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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

The picture emblazoned across The Sun, a London tabloid, was quickly picked up by the international media. Saddam in his underwear. (At least Adolf Hitler had the guts and good sense to shoot himself before being publicly viewed washing his laundry). Rumors surfaced that the pictures had been leaked by U. S. Military Officials in an attempt to destroy the larger-than-life myth that loyalists to the former dictator wished to spread. The reported goal was to break up the long-running Iraqi insurrection. Could anyone in the U. S. military really be that naïve, that stupid, that obtuse?

The outrage of such public humiliation, following on the heels of the Guantanamo Bay Koran affair (retracted by Newsweek but long published elsewhere), has completely blackened the American image in the Middle East, already dangerously tarnished by those fun guys and gals who brought you Abu Ghraib.

The final blow was delivered by the Deus ex Machina himself. In his usual deft fashion, President Bush alienated the six remaining pro-western Arab Muslims by referring to the insurgents as "motivated by a vision of the world that is backward and barbaric." His selection of words resonated as a personal opinion on the whole of Islam.

Open mouth, insert foot, take action, and only then demand a complete investigation. The pattern is repeating itself.


Blogger Rumblefish YWK said...

Yes, you have to be very careful of what you say about the muslim world. They offend very easily.
They are offended about a desicration of the Koran but persicute Christians daily, not to mention taking bibles from tourist.

They even murder their own for not being a so-called true follower. That will teach those Infidels.

I am with you Virginia, It's so important to bow down to the muslims and make them feel at home, After all, If things keep going the way they are, someday You and I will be muslim.... or beheaded.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Virginia Bola, PsyD said...

Response to Rage:

We cannot set our standards of morals and conduct based on what "the other guy" does. There are still cannibal tribes in the backwoods of Indonesia. If we become involved in conflict with them, does that give us a license to eat each other?

We can spend our lives reacting to the evils others do and descend to their level to fight them and, eventually perhaps, destroy them. My point is that once they are gone, what is left if we have become just like them?

Character does count, as do our values, our morals, our beliefs about what it means to be an honorable human being. If we let the behavior of others dictate our own, we have abdicated our right to criticize what they do and model a more civilized way of living.

Respect their rights, exercise restraint, champion the primacy of humanism and tolerance, and we have a real chance at a better future for everyone.

The alternative is the extension of a dark world where strength is the only value and power is the sole measure of mankind. I don't want to live like that, do you?

6:28 AM  
Blogger Rumblefish YWK said...

We haven't, Our standards are already set.
The conflict begins when they begin to leave their homelands and eat our people. Somewhere, you have to draw a line on how many your willing to loose for someones support when there is an alternative food source. As some female comedian said:
"Pop Tarts are pretty good". She eats the whole box.

Considering that the middle east would basically die off without us and yet they continue to insult us openly and publically on a daily basis, I think they can handle a rib or two.
Just because they are muslim doesn't make them special by no means.
Common law is; "if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen".

I don't think the Potus intendent to insult a religion.
I do believe how ever smoothing over the butchering of humans in comparison to insulting a religion is a bit out of the norm, well at least to me.
I have no issues with then burning my bibles, why should they have an issue with me burning the koran?
quid pro quo?
Considering that the largest beef comes from athiest, why should they give a dammed all together?

I know this will sound foreign to you but I will throw it out there.
The cannibals have arrived Virginia.They have made it clear that you and I both are on the menu.
I have a preference to handling them in their home than in ours. This is for both our benifit.
I get this from being a father, a vet and a so called Patriot. I do not mean southern rebel, I mean patriot as a believer in America.

We are the utmost Champions of humanism and tolerance.
I want you to view a disturbing image then reflect on it's impact through our media then tell me your thoughts once again on our positions.
Disturbing Images

5:22 PM  

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